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Selecting Bar or Line Graphs

Graphs can be presented using lines, 2D bars, or 3D bars. Use the Bar/Line drop-down menu to select the type you want.

Note: You can also change graph settings using the Change Graph Settings dialog box in the View menu.

Each type of bar graph and line graph has additional options that can be selected from the additional drop-down box, shown below.

Figure 15: Bar/Line drop-down menu

Graph options are shown in the following table.


Table 35: Bar and Line Graph View Options 

Graph Type


Bar2D and Bar3D Bar Graphs

  • barStacked- shows the graph bars stacked on top in each other.
  • barZClustered- shows the bar graphs side by side.
  • Line Graphs

  • lineLines- shows simple line for the line graph.
  • lineSymbols- uses symbols to highlight graph points.
  • lineSticks- uses colored sticks to indicate graph points.