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Creating Restricted DBC Views

Restricted DBC database views can be created to limit access to information. Restricted DBC views are identified by the suffix X and called X views.

Beginning with Teradata Database 12.00.00, each system view in the DBC database includes a view that supports Unicode®. All Unicode® system views are identified by a suffix, V or VX, when a restricted Unicode® view is used.

Note: To learn more about X views, V  views, and VX views, see Data Dictionary and Database Administration.

See “Preferences” on page 140 to access the Use X views options.

Additional Restricted views required by Teradata Index Wizard must be created in Teradata Database. Teradata Index Wizard provides options to create restricted views from a script file. There are five versions of the script file:

  • DBCXViews62.bteq; used on Teradata Database V2R6.2, V2R6.1, or V2R6.0
  • DBCVXViews120.bteq; used on Teradata Database 12.00.00
  • DBCVXViews130.bteq; used on Teradata Database 13.00.00 and 13.10.00
  • DBCVXViews140.bteq; used on Teradata Database 14.0
  • DBCVXViews141.bteq; used on Teradata Database 14.10 and above.
  • The script files are located in the Teradata installation folder. For example:
    C:\program Files\Teradata\Teradata Index Wizard 15.00\DBCXViews141.bteq

    To create restricted views

    1 Invoke Teradata Index Wizard 15.00.

    2 Select Tools > Options > Preferences > General.

    3 Select Use X views (DBC and QCD).

    A confirmation message appears.

    4 Click Yes to create the restricted views.

    Click No to continue using non-X views.