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Workload Menu

Use the Workload menu to control various aspects of a workload. The following table describes the commands on the Workload menu.


Table 4: Workload Menu Commands and Descriptions 

Menu Command

Sub Menu

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From DBQL Statements

Selects SQL statements from the DBQL.

“Defining a Workload From DBQL Statements” on page 53

Using Statements Text

Used to enter the SQL statements or select the statements from one or more files.

“Defining a Workload Using Statement Text” on page 58

From QCD Statements

Selects SQL statements from the QCD.

“Defining a Workload From QCD Statements” on page 60

Import Workloads

Imports a workload from a production system using Teradata System Emulation Tool.

“Importing a Workload” on page 63

From Existing Workload

Creates a new workload from an existing one. See for greater detail.

“Defining a Workload from an Existing Workload” on page 69

From DBQL XML Statements


Creates a new workload from statements that are logged in the DBC.DBQLXMLTBL table.

“Defining a Workload from DBQL XML Statements” on page 71

Update Existing Workload


Updates an existing workload.

“Updating an Existing Workload” on page 74

Workload Clean Up


Deletes workloads that you no longer need.

“Workload Cleanup” on page 77