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Validating Recommendations

The validation step is a way to check the impact of applying index recommendations on the production. The validation step does not actually apply the index to the production system.

To validate an index recommendation

1 Click Validation > Load Recommendations from QCD

The Recommendations from QCD dialog box opens prompting for an index recommendation to validate. Teradata Index Wizard defaults to the last workload/recommendation in the cache.

2 Make sure Workload Name is correct.

3 Under Select Analysis Type and Tag, check the appropriate check box (Index Analysis or Partition Analysis) and make sure the tag is correct.

4 Clear the Validate on Another System check box.

5 Click Next.

A dialog box appears containing recommendation information. Specify which individual recommendations to validate by selecting or deselecting them. Click View DDL Statements to view the DDL for implementing the recommendation. There is an option for setting the data sampling for collecting sample statistics. Click Data Sampling to open this dialog box.

6 Select Validate to begin the validation.

The system validates the index recommendation by simulating the indexes and generating query plans for each query in the workload. The plans are stored in the QCD and compared to the plans saved without the recommendations.

When the validation is complete, a Validation Results Report displays.

After viewing the Validation Results Report, go to the next step, “Executing Recommendations” on page 45.