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Performing an Index Analysis

The Index Analysis option starts a new analysis using the information from the current workload. The following steps explain how.

To start an Index analysis

1 Click Analysis > Index Analysis.

The Index Analysis dialog box appears.

Note: If a workload was created prior to this analysis, the workload information is already in place when the dialog box opens. Check to ensure the desired workload is loaded.

The following table describes the Index Analysis dialog box.




QCD Name

If you created a workload prior to performing this analysis, the QCD is already in this field.

If no QCD name appears, click to view the available QCDs from the drop-down menu.

Workload Name

If you created a workload prior to performing this analysis, the workload is already in this field.

If no workload name appears, click to view the available workloads from the drop-down menu.

Workload Statements Spreadsheet

This shows the queries used in the current workload. Specifically the spreadsheet shows the Query ID, Frequency, and Statement Text.

Select Tables field

Shows a spreadsheet of the tables selected to be analyzed. The columns include Database Name, Table Name, Statement Access, Row Estimate, and Existing Indexes.

Select All\Deselect All

Use these buttons to select or deselect all the statements in the Select Tables section. To select a single table, click the table in the spreadsheet.

Recommendation Tag

Use this option to give the index recommendation a tag.

Save Recommenda-tions in Files

Use this option to save the recommendations to a file.


Allows you to set various parameters for the analysis. See “Advanced Index Parameters” on page 83 for more information.

2 Click Select All and Deselect All to choose the tables from the list.

By default, Teradata Index Wizard automatically selects all tables.

Note: To view the demographics of a table, right-click the Table Name column under Select Table, and click Data Demographics. This opens the Data Demographics applications. For more information, see Chapter 12: “Data Demographics.”

3 Name the recommendation using the Recommendation Tag box.

4 To save the recommendation to a file, select the Save Recommendations to File check box and enter or browse to a file.

5 Click Advanced to set analysis criteria for the workload.

See “Advanced Index Parameters” on page 83 for details about analysis criteria.

6 Click OK to start the analysis. To abort the analysis, click Abort in the Analysis in Progress dialog.

When the analysis is complete, the Index Recommendation Report appears. For more information, see “Index Recommendation Report” on page 116. See “Analysis Summary” on page 106 for information on viewing the Analysis Summary.