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Teradata Index Wizard
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Error Messages

The following table explains the error you may receive while using Index Wizard.


Table 37: Error Messages



Error in Teradata Database name

ODBC name not found - possible HOSTS file problem.

Error in user name

User Identification is not authorized.

Error in password

Invalid password.

The QCD mentioned does not exist

Database 'xxxx' does not exist.

The control files required for importing the production system environment do not exist.

Teradata System Emulations Tool control files do not exist.

Error in loading recommendations from file, if file is invalid.

Index Wizard cannot read the file: <filename>. This is not a valid Index Wizard recommendation file.

Error in allocating memory.

Out of memory.

Error in creating recommendations file

Error in creating file: <filename>

Error in opening registry

Unable to open registry.