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Analysis Summary

The Analysis Summary window shows a summary of the analysis recommendation.

Figure 12: Example of Analysis Summary for Index Analysis

To view the analysis summary

1 Click View>Analysis Summary.

The Analysis Summary window opens. The following table explains the information in the window.

2 Click OK to close the Analysis Summary window.


Table 26: Index Analysis Summary Window Description 



Server Name

Displays the server name where the analysis is performed.

QCD Name

Displays the QCD name.


Shows the workload name.

Recommendations ID

Displays the recommendations ID.

Start Time

Start time of the analysis.

End Time

End time of the analysis.

Time Limit Expired

Displays information about the time limit specified during the analysis. The Time Limit Expired value can be the following:

  • Question Mark (?) - No Time Limit has been specified. The question mark displays if the Checkpoint Frequency option was selected in the Index Analysis Parameters dialog box for index analysis.
  • Yes - A Yes value displays if the analysis is not completed within specified Time Limit. It will display the recommendations up until that specified Time Limit is reached, then the analysis process stops.
  • No- The No value displays if the analysis is completed before the specified Time Limit.
  • Number of tables considered in the analysis.

    Shows the number of tables analyzed.

    Numbers of tables on which indexes where recommended.

    Shows the number of table that received an index recommendation.

    Number of table on which indexes exist

    Shows the number of table that have an index.

    Number of statements considered for analysis

    Shows the number of statements that where considered for analysis.

    Total elapse time

    Shows the total time taken by Index Wizard for the analysis.