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Teradata Index Wizard
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Teradata Analyst Pack

Teradata Index Wizard is part of a suite of software tools called the Teradata Analyst Pack. As application environments expand to include mixed workloads for both decision support and near real time analytic processing, managing and maximizing the performance of the Teradata Database becomes a more challenging task.

To meet this challenge, the Teradata Analyst Pack helps information technology professionals analyze and tune their Teradata for better performance.

The Teradata Analyst Pack is targeted at query or workload-based analysis and focuses on the execution performance at the individual query level.

Teradata Analyst tools include:

  • Teradata Index Wizard
  • Teradata Statistics Wizard
  • Teradata Visual Explain
  • Teradata System Emulation Tool
  • The ability to analyze and understand the detailed steps involved in the query plan along with the influences of the system configuration, data demographics, and index structure, are the first steps in identifying opportunities to improve performance of the active data warehouse.

    You can open the Teradata Analyst tools noted above by clicking their respective buttons on the toolbar or selecting Tools from the menu bar and selecting the application.

    Note: You must install the tools to access them through Teradata Index Wizard.