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Performing Analysis

After the workload is defined, it is analyzed and a new set of indexes is recommended. Teradata Index Wizard may also recommend that indexes be added or dropped to enhance system performance.

There are four types of analysis:

  • Index Analysis An index analysis is performed on a workload.
  • For more information, see “Performing an Index Analysis” on page 81.

  • Partition Analysis A partition analysis is performed on a workload
  • For more information, see “Performing a Partition Analysis” on page 87.

  • Restarting an Analysis If an Index analysis was interrupted, it can be restarted.
  • For more information, see “Restarting an Analysis” on page 89.

  • What-If Analysis This type of analysis allows you to check your own recommendations. on the workload to determine the performance benefits.
  • For more information, see “What-if Analysis” on page 91.

    For more information on the available input settings for an index analysis, see “Advanced Index Parameters” on page 83.