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Loading Recommendations from File

You can load a recommendation from a saved recommendation plans.

To load a recommendation from a file

1 Click Validation>Load Recommendations from File.

The Select a File for Validation dialog box appears.

2 Select or browse for the file to load recommendations, and click Open.

The Select Workload dialog box appears.

3 Click Next to load the recommendation.

For an explanation of all the fields in the Validation window, see “Loading Recommendations from QCD” on page 124.

When recommendations are loaded from a file, the plans are first imported on the system where the validation is performed. This option can be accessed by selecting the Load Recommendation from File option from the Validation menu.

When you click the Validate button, the process is confirmed, the validation process starts, and the results of the validation are displayed in the Validation Results window.

See “Validation Results” on page 126 for more information on validation results.