Chapter 6 Analysis - Teradata Index Wizard

Teradata Index Wizard User Guide

Teradata Index Wizard
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After a workload is created, the next step is to analyze it for index recommendations that will improve Teradata Database performance.

Teradata Index Wizard may recommend that an index be added, dropped, or that no recommendation can be made.

The methods of analyzing include:

  • Index Analysis - performs a new analysis on the current workload in the workload cache.
  • Partition Analysis -performs a new analysis using the information from the current workload
  • Restart Analysis - continues a previously halted analysis.
  • What-if Analysis - allows you to play with various analysis criteria to find the best set of indexes.
  • This section explains the following index analysis topics:

  • Performing an Index Analysis
  • Performing a Partition Analysis
  • Restarting an Analysis
  • What-if Analysis
  • Analysis Summary
  • View Reports