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Use the Drop Results command to drop the results table or file associated with the selected request or job. Dropping results cleans up tables or files generated for that request or job.

To use the same results table or file for each request, the results must be dropped. The Drop if exists or Append if exists options can also be used to drop results when scheduling requests. For information on that option, see Teradata Query Scheduler User Guide (B035‑2512).

1 From from the Scheduled Requests list of the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator, select a job.

2 Do one of the following:

  • Click Options > Drop Results.
  • Right-click the request to display a shortcut menu and click Drop Results.
  • A Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator dialog box appears confirming the deletion.

    3 Click Yes to confirm the deletion, close the dialog box, and return to Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.

    The results of the scheduled request are dropped and have been removed from the TDWM database.