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Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Guide

Query Scheduler
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1 Click Configuration > Workgroups.

The Workgroups dialog box appears with DEFAULT_WORKGROUP in the Workgroup Names list.

Note: When creating or modifying a scheduled requests profile for a user, user group, or account, select a workgroup to associate with the profile. See “Manage Scheduler Profiles” on page 44 for more information.

2 Do one of the following:

  • To modify an existing workgroup, select the desired workgroup from the Workgroup Names list, and then click Edit. Go to Step 4.
  • Note: The Edit and Delete buttons are available only after a workgroup is selected from the list.

  • To create a new workgroup, click New.
  • The Workgroup Properties dialog box appears.

    3 Type up to 30 characters for the name of your workgroup in the Workgroup Name box.

    Note: If editing a workgroup, the Workgroup Name box is read-only.

    4 In the Maximum queries running simultaneously box, enter a number between 0 and 28 to limit the number of concurrent queries that can be run by this workgroup.

    5 Click OK to save your entries and close the Workgroup Properties dialog box.

    The workgroup appears in the Workgroup Names list in the Workgroups dialog box.

    6 Click Close to close the Workgroups dialog box and return to the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.