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Scheduled requests are SQL queries scheduled by end-users for off-line execution. Requests are scheduled using the Teradata Query Scheduler Submit dialog box.

When end-users know of existing database rules that will prevent a SQL request from running or if they suspect their queries may overload the Teradata Database, they can actively schedule a request using the Teradata Query Scheduler Submit dialog box.

When a request is scheduled, end-users provide information that defines preferences for when it is executed. A request can be scheduled to run periodically or only once during a specified time period without an active system user connection.

Because a scheduled request can be executed many times, the term request is used to mean the actual definition of the scheduled request parameters. The term job is used to mean an individual instance a scheduled request is scheduled to run.

For example, a scheduled request can be defined to execute daily. That request causes a separate job to be created every day to execute that request.

The DBA enables or disables the scheduled request feature on your Teradata Database using the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator.

To learn how to enable or disable the scheduled request feature, see “Configure the Scheduled Requests” on page 37.