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The Scheduled Requests list in the Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator (Figure 4) shows information about all the scheduled requests and jobs in the TDWM database. It shows all of the scheduled jobs currently being handled by Teradata QS. Use the scroll bar to scroll through the items in the list. Select a job or request in the list, and then use the menu commands or the shortcut menu to monitor and manage it.

Figure 4: Scheduled Requests List

The following table describes the Scheduled Requests list:


Table 7: Scheduled Requests List 

Column Header


Request Name

The name assigned to the job when it was submitted using the Teradata Query Scheduler Submit dialog box.

Request ID

Generated by Teradata QS to uniquely identify the request.

Job ID

Generated by Teradata QS to uniquely identify the job.


Current time the job is scheduled to run.

User Name

Name of the user who submitted the scheduled request.


Current standing of the job.


Details about how the job completed, such as rows returned, processing time, database errors, and result file errors.