6.02 - Changes and Additions - Teradata Software for Azure

Teradata Vantageā„¢ on Azure (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Vantage on Azure
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January 2019
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English (United States)
Date Release Description
January 2019 6.02
  • Added support for Teradata Unity.
November 2018 6.0
  • Added support for scaling out and scaling in incrementally.
  • Added support for hot standby nodes for node failure recovery.
  • Added Storage Size Per Node (in TB) to the ecosystem solution template to choose additional storage options at deployment.
  • Added support for Dsv3- and Esv3-series VM sizes for network-attached SSD storage.
  • Added support for D15_v2, L8S, and L32S VM sizes for VM-resident SSD storage.
  • Added support to convert existing VMs running on three NICs to run on one NIC.
  • Added support for renewing a license for BYOL.
  • Added hourly support for, and removed BYOL from, US Government regions.
  • Added support for Teradata Database 16.20 Feature Update 1. Removed support for Teradata Database 15.10.
  • Updated references to product offering names in the Azure Marketplace from Teradata Database to Teradata Vantage.
  • Replaced Teradata Support with Teradata Customer Portal.
  • Replaced Teradata REST Services with Teradata Query Service.
  • Changed solution template parameter from Fold/Unfold to Scale Out/In and command names for scaling out and scaling in after deployment.