6.02 - Upgrade Considerations and Requirements - Teradata Software for Azure

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Teradata Vantage on Azure
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January 2019
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A major or minor upgrade requires redeploying the system. For information on how to upgrade the Teradata Database running in a virtual or public cloud environment, log in to https://access.teradata.com and search for KCS001779.

Considerations Requirements
Bundle Downloads Download software upgrade bundles from the Teradata customer portal at https://access.teradata.com.
Operating System Updates Because the operating system software bundle includes both important security updates and the latest version of the utility used to upgrade Teradata components (PUT), you must download this bundle whenever upgrading other Teradata components with the exception of Server Management, for which the required updates are included in the image itself.
Outage Preparation When upgrading the operating system and Teradata components including Server Management, PUT does not set a maintenance window, but does automatically reboot the system. Plan accordingly.
VMs launched prior to Teradata Software for Azure 6.0 If you are upgrading from an older Teradata Database version to Teradata Software for Azure 6.0 or later, you must convert existing VMs running on three NICs to run on a single NIC.