15.00 - Verifying the Installation Using CLI Sample Program - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for Microsoft Windows Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
March 2014
  1. In the makefile makesamp.win , add the correct paths to the include files.By default the makesamp.win file is located in the following folder:
    • \program-files\Teradata\Client\version\CLIv2\clisamp

    For information about the program-files variable, see About the program-files Variable in the Default Installation Path.

  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Run the makefile to create the executable module clisamp:
    • # nmake -f makesamp.win
    The default configuration is CFG="clisamp - Win32 Debug". Also supported is CFG="clisamp - Win32 Release".
  4. Change directory to the appropriate subfolder:
    • Release
    • Debug
  5. Run the sample program by entering one of the following commands:
    • Run the sample program using the default logon information (dbc/systemfe,service):
      • clisamp
    • Show help for the sample program using the -h option:
      • clisamp -h
    • Run the sample program using a user-provided input string:
      • clisamp proddev/dbc,password
      • where proddev is the tdpid,
      • dbc is the user,
      • and password is the password.
The program does the following:
  1. Logs on using the default logon information (or the user-specified logon information) as shown above.
  2. Executes a simple query:
    • SELECT * from dbc.sessioninfo;
  3. Writes the results of the query to a CLISAMP.DAT file and displays information similar to the following:
    CLIv2    version is version
    MTDP     version is version
    MOSIOS   version is version
    MOSIDEP  version is version
    OSERR    version is version
    Logging on to --> dbc/systemfe,service
    writing out to --> CLISAMP.DAT
    submitting --> select * from dbc.sessioninfo;
    writing out to --> CLISAMP.DAT
    Logging off.
For information about security and connecting to a Teradata Database, see Security Administration, B035-1100.