17.00 - INMOD Routine Compatibility with Other Load Utilities - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference
FDL-compatible INMOD routines that were created for FastLoad by including the FDLINMOD parameter as the USING (parms) option of the IMPORT command can be used. Using this parameter provides compatible support operations except for the way checkpointing is performed:
  • If a Teradata TPump job uses the FROM, FOR, or THRU options to request a range of records from an FDL-compatible INMOD routine, then Teradata TPump bypasses any default record checkpoint function. By default, Teradata TPump takes a checkpoint every 15 minutes. The Teradata TPump checkpoint function can be bypassed by specifying a CHECKPOINT rate of zero in your BEGIN LOAD commands.

    If the database experiences a restart/recovery operation, Teradata TPump starts over and gets the records again from the beginning of the range.

    Under these same circumstances, if a BEGIN LOAD command included a CHECKPOINT rate other than zero, Teradata TPump terminates with an error condition.

  • If a Teradata TPump job does not request a range of records, then Teradata TPump performs checkpointing either by default (every 15 minutes) or per the job specifications.

    If the database experiences a restart/recovery operation and the INMOD routine supports recovery, Teradata TPump continues the data acquisition activity from the last recorded checkpoint.

    Note, however, that the source sequence numbers generated by Teradata TPump may not correctly identify the sequence in which the INMOD routine supplied the records. The data is still applied correctly, however, despite this discrepancy.

An FDL-compatible INMOD routine cannot be specified with the INFILE specification of a Teradata TPump IMPORT command.

When an INMOD routine is specified with the INFILE specification:
  • Teradata TPump performs the file-read operation
  • The INMOD routine acts as a pass-through filter

The combination of an FDL-compatible INMOD routine with a Teradata TPump INFILE specification is not valid because an FDL-compatible INMOD routine must always perform the file read operation.