17.00 - Termination Return Codes - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

When a Teradata TPump job terminates, it returns a completion code to the client system.

The following table lists the conventions used.

Termination Return Codes 
Code Description
0 Normal completion
4 Warning
8 User error
12 Severe internal error
16 No message destination is available
Teradata TPump continues receiving all database warnings. The return code is 4. To avoid ambiguous or conflicting results, always use values greater than 20 when specifying a return code with the LOGOFF command.

Many CLI and database errors generate return codes of 12. For database errors that can be corrected and resubmitted, Teradata TPump tries up to 16 times to resubmit and, at the end of this process, returns a code of 12. Many CLI and database errors generate the return code of 12, except for:

  • Errors on Teradata SQL statements outside of the Teradata TPump task (before the BEGIN LOAD command or after the END LOAD command). Teradata TPump ignores these errors, which display error messages but do not cause early termination, nor generate Teradata TPump return codes.
  • Retry-able errors or errors caused by database restarts.