17.00 - Syntax - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

where the following is true:

Name of an input record field to which a nullexpr of a FIELD command refers; or to which a “condition” expression of the IMPORT command’s APPLY clause refers.
The only reason for naming a filler field is to enable one of these expressions to refer to it. A fieldname must obey the same rules for its construction as Teradata SQL column names.
The reason for describing a field that is not to be sent to the database and is not used in any of the expressions mentioned in the previous paragraph is to make it possible to specify startpos as an asterisk for subsequent fields of the input records. If the use of the asterisk is not important, fields that do not participate in the Teradata TPump do not need to be defined.
Starting position of a field of the data records in an external data source.
It may be specified as an unsigned decimal integer, which is a character position starting with 1, or as an asterisk, which is the next available character position beyond the preceding field.
Note that where input records may be continued by use of the CONTINUEIF condition, a startpos specified as an unsigned integer refers to a character position in the final concatenated result from which the continuation indicators have been removed. Refer to the description of the condition parameter of the LAYOUT command.
Type and length of data in the field.