17.00 - Usage Notes - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

Teradata TPump tracks the internal error condition code throughout the job and returns either 0 for complete success, 4 for warnings, 12 for fatal errors, and 16 for no sysprint. These values are the “error conditions”.

To avoid ambiguity or conflict with standard Teradata TPump completion codes, values greater than 20 should be used. Teradata TPump returns the higher value between the value generated by the error condition and the return code specified in LOGOFF.

If the LOGOFF command processes, this indicates that the highest return code reached was no more than 4 (warning). Any return code other than 0 or 4 would have terminated the job.

LOGOFF is permitted at any point in the input script and logs off immediately.