17.00 - INMOD Output Values - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

The following table lists valid values of the Return Code field and their meanings, as output to the INMOD routine.

INMOD Output Return Code Values
Code Description
0 on read call (code 1) Indicates End Of File not reached. The length field should be set to the length of the output record. If an input record was supplied to the INMOD and it is to be skipped, set the length field to zero. If no input record was supplied, setting the length to zero acts as an End Of File.
Non-0 on read call (code 1) Indicates End Of File.
0 on non-read call (not code 1) Indicates successful operation.
Non-0 on non-read call (not code 1) Indicates a processing error. Teradata TPump terminates.
The second 32-bit address points to a data structure containing the following fields:
  • Sequence Number, 4-byte integer, Integer record counter portion of the source sequence number.
  • Parameter List, Varchar, 2-byte length, m, followed by the m-byte parms string as parsed and presented by Teradata TPump.

INMODs that cannot comply with these protocols should terminate if a Restart Code 2, Code 3, or Code 4 is encountered. Otherwise, data might become corrupted. In order to be restart-able, INMODs must make use of Teradata TPump to save and restore checkpoint information as described above. If the INMOD saves its checkpointing information privately, recovery might result in data corruption.

On z/OS, the module must reside in the steplib/joblib (for JCL), task library (for clist/exec), or the system linklist (for any).