17.00 - Acquisition Error Table - Parallel Data Pump

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Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

The error table is primarily used to hold information about errors that occur while the database is trying to redistribute the data during the acquisition phase. If the database cannot build a valid primary index, some application phase errors may be put into this table.

The following table defines the Acquisition Error Table, with column entries comprising the unique primary index.

Acquisition Error Table 
Column Data Type Definition
ImportSeq byteint Sequence number assigned to the IMPORT command in which the error occurred.
DMLSeq byteint Sequence number assigned to the DML command in which the error occurred.
SMTSeq byteint Sequence number of the DML statement in the DML command that was being executed while this error occurred.
ApplySeq byteint Sequence number of apply clause in IMPORT command executing when error occurred.
SourceSeq integer The data row number in the client file that the DBC was building when the error occurred.
DataSeq byteint The data source where the record resides.
ErrorCode char(255) The database code for the error.
ErrorMsg char The corresponding error message for the error code.
ErrorField smallint The number of the field in error if it can be determined.
HostData varbyte (63677) The first 63,677 bytes of client data associated with the error.
LoadStartTime   The beginning of the job time. On restart, LoadStartTime is the beginning of the restart time.
RowInsertTime   Indicates when the row is inserted into the Teradata TPump error table.
  • Users know when each row is inserted into the TPUMP error table.
  • The Teradata TPump error table can be queried based on the RowInsertTime column.
  • This feature is automatic. The user does not need to enable the feature.
  • When an old error table that was created by TPUMP prior to TPUMP 13.1 release is re-used, TPUMP will terminate the job with the following error message:

    UTY0845 The error table 'TPUSER.TPERR0087' is invalid.The error table has 12 columns.A valid error table has 13 columns