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June 2020
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The following Teradata SQL statements supported by Teradata TPump are included in this section, because they require special considerations for use with Teradata TPump. They are used for loading purposes and for creating Teradata TPump macros. The syntax and use of these Teradata SQL statements is described in detail in this the following topics.

The following table lists the Teradata SQL Statements supported by Teradata TPump.

Teradata TPump Teradata SQL Statements 
Statement Definition
DATABASE Changes the default database qualification for all DML statements.
DELETE Removes specified rows from a table.
EXECUTE Specifies a user-created (predefined) macro for execution. The macro named in this statement resides in the database and specifies the type of DML statement (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE) being handled by the macro.
INSERT Adds new rows to a table by directly specifying the row data to be inserted.
UPDATE Statement and Atomic Upsert Changes field values in existing rows of a table.