17.00 - Usage Notes - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

Utility variables are replaced by their values before text is displayed. This is done by preceding the variable name with an ampersand (&). To display the name of a utility variable, code two “&”s instead of one.

To display an apostrophe within the text string, two consecutive apostrophes (single quotes) must be used to distinguish it from both the single quotes enclosing the string and a regular double quote.

In UNIX systems, if outfilename is used to redirect stdout as well as the file in a DISPLAY command, the results written to outfilename may be incomplete due to conflicting writes to the same file.

On UNIX systems, use an asterisk (*) as the fileid specification to direct the display messages to the system console/standard output (stdout) device. The system console is the:
  • Display screen in interactive mode
  • Standard output device in batch mode