17.00 - Reinitializing a Teradata TPump Job - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata® Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
June 2020
Programming Reference

If the restart log table has been accidentally dropped or corrupted for a Teradata TPump job, reinitialize the job using the following procedure:

  1. Determine how much of the job has completed in order to take data out of the Teradata TPump input data set.
    How this is done will depend on the table and procedures involved with table maintenance. This will vary between jobs and with the procedures in effect at each customer site.
  2. Delete any database objects associated with the Teradata TPump job that may exist.
    This cleans up Teradata TPump.
    These objects include the error table and any DML-associated macros. Directions for finding these objects are provided in the previous section