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October 2021
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"metricName": "Active Sessions", //Metric name
"metricId": "ACTIVE_SESSIONS"   //Metric ID for given metric name


"timestamp": 1624797540000, // Timestamp when the system metric was calculated "number": 1.25,
"max": 2,	// max value
"min": 1,	// min value
"avg": 1.25	// Average value


"title": "CPU System (sdl54560.labs.teradata)", // title of the metric
"variantType": null,	//The default variant to
use for the metric
"units": "percent",	//The metric's units
"factor": null,	//This attribute related to export data "group": "percent",		//The metric's units "sparklineModel": {..},
"selected": false,	//This metric belong to selected metric "metricData": [...]


"securityDomain": null,
"userDefaultSettings": false,	// This attribute is UI attibutes value will be always false in APIs
"metric": "CPU_SYSTEM",			//Metric ID for given metric "systemID": 8,	//Internal ID of the monitored system "unitName": "percent",		//The metric's units
"verticalAxisMax": null,	//This attribute is UI attributes
"threshold": null,	//The threshold value for the SLA line of the sparkline widget "enabled": false,	//This value will always false for APIs
"metricName": "CPU System",		//Metric name for given metricID "unitLabel": null	//i18n label for the unit