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Teradata® Viewpoint and Teradata® Data Lab API Reference Guide

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Teradata Viewpoint
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October 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
Date Release Description
July 2021
  • Added Viewpoint Roles RESTful API
  • Added System Metrics Restful API
  • Added versioning for SystemHealthApi
  • Updated Data Lab RESTful API
  • Updated Viewpoint User RESTful API
April 2021
  • Updated Session Update fields.
  • Updated the System Health Portlet.
June 2020 Added support to install an SSL certificate file using the SSL Certificates RESTful API.
January 2020 Added the Teradata Database Credentials RESTful API to Monitored Systems RESTful API.
November 2019 Added support for JWT integration with Vantage.
September 2019 Updated REST API Security.
June 2019 Added Teradata Vantage welcome and changed ASTER_ENGINE to MLENGINE.
April 2019 Added showSQL to GET URLs.
December 2018
  • Added API versioning.
  • Added backup REST APIs.
September 2018 Added two new Data Lab APIs.
July 2018 Added the Using Swagger section and the Get API for providing a single configured monitored system.
June 2018 Added information about the sessions and user list APIs, and about how to access all APIs.
May 2018 16.20 Initial release.