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For Teradata systems configured with secure zones, data dictionary access is constrained by zone.

The data dictionary contains zone specific system views ending in _SZ for related Unicode and compatibility views. Zone specific views are not needed for VX views because they already contain security constraints in their definition that limit the result set to only the rows associated with the requesting user.

Even with Teradata Secure Zones configured, all users query the non _SZ views. Privileges are checked against the non _SZ view.

The following table shows data dictionary view access for the users.



Data Dictionary View Access

  • DBC
  • Non-zone user with ZONE OVERRIDE
  • These users get system-wide information from views without zone filtration.

    For example, if DBC or a non-zone user with ZONE OVERRIDE does a SELECT from the QryLogXMLV view, they will get information from the QryLogXMLV view without any filtration by zone.

  • Zone user
  • Access is constrained by zone.

    For example, if a zone user does a SELECT from the QryLogXMLV view, information is returned from the zone constrained view.

  • Non-zone user without ZONE OVERRIDE
  • These users are restricted to non-zone dictionary data only.

    The following views are constrained by zone.