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The origin of the PDE internal session being reported, such as the node name or process ID of the client system. LogonSource can contain the following names and identifiers.


Field Name


Library Name

(Field 1)

Name of the library that logged the session on.

Process ID

(Field 2)

Unique identifier for the application process running on the client system.

Application Name

(Field 3)

Name of the application running on the client system.

Node Name

(Field 4)

Number of the node on which the application logged on.

Example : PDE Internal Session

108E LNXMPP 35

Field contents:

Field     Contents        Description 
1         108E            Number of the library (LIBDBSUTIL) that logged this session on
2   Unique ID for the application process running on the client                             system.
3         LNXMPP          Name of the application running on the client system.
4         35              Number of the node on which the application logged on.