15.10 - UDTs - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Data Dictionary

Teradata Database
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The user-defined type (UDT) objects in the Teradata Database platform contain:

  • DBC.UDTInfo - one entry per UDT
  • Type name
  • Type kind (Distinct or Structured)
  • Whether the type is instantiable
  • Default transform group (name)
  • Ordering form (full ordering or equals only - distinct and structured types are always full)
  • Ordering category (map or relative - distinct and structured types are always map)
  • Ordering routine ID
  • Cast count
  • DBC.UDTCast - one entry per cast for a UDT
  • Whether cast is implicit assignment
  • Cast routine ID
  • DBC.UDFInfo - one entry for the auto-generated default constructor of the UDT; entries are the same as for a regular (C/C++) UDF
  • DBC.UDTTransform - one entry for the UDT transform group and routine identifiers
  • Default transform group name
  • ToSQL routine ID
  • FromSQL routine ID
  • Corresponding Privileges

    The privileges relating to UDTs are: