15.10 - Querying X Versus Non-X Views - Teradata Database

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The amount of information that can be retrieved from system views at a particular site depends on:

  • Whether an X version is available for a particular view
  • The privilege granted, if any, on each available view
  • Whether the statement references “view_name” or “view_nameX”
  • Assuming that both the X and non‑X versions of the views are installed, and that the SELECT privilege is granted to PUBLIC on both versions, the information returned by an unconditional SELECT depends on the specified view name, as follows:


    A view specified as …

    Returns information about …


    all objects for which entries exist in the underlying table.

    Note: Unconditional SELECTs on non‑X views may cause the result to exhaust the available spool space of the user.


    only those objects that the requesting user:

  • owns
  • created
  • has been granted privileges on
  • has access to via current role and the current nested roles of the role