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The AMPUsage view supplies information about AMP CPU time consumed, and the number of AMP to disk read and write operations generated by a given user or account.

This view also tracks the activities of any console utilities. A row is returned for each AMP in the system unless aggregate figures are specified.

When you ask for resource usage logging, data about CPU overhead, user service, and user execution is collected by vproc type and by node.

You can use the AMPUsage, AllSpace, DiskSpace, and TableSize views to summarize resource usage for all AMPs, or for AMPs on which data is stored.

To obtain a list (in order of the amount of space used) of those databases currently using more than 80% of their permanent space allocation, enter:

SELECT DatabaseName, SUM(CurrentPerm)
   FROM DBC.DiskSpaceV
   GROUP BY DatabaseName
   HAVING (SUM(CurrentPerm)/NULLIFZERO(SUM(MaxPerm))) >.8
   ORDER BY SUM(CurrentPerm) DESC;

You can also use the AMPUsage and DiskSpace views to compile and maintain usage statistics that can later be selected and analyzed as described in the following sections.