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Teradata Database Data Dictionary

Teradata Database
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The system databases, tables and associated views and macros are created at system initialization (sysinit) time and by executing a set of Dictionary Initialization Program (DIP) scripts. The DIPALL option executes all of the DIP scripts that are installed on every system.

Optional DIP scripts include:

  • DIPACC (supports database access logging)
  • DIPPDCR (supports infrastructure used to analyze system performance issues)

    For information about ...

    See ...

    the DIP utility and its executable SQL scripts (such as DIPPDCR, DIPACC, DIPSYSUIF, DIPVIEWS, and DIPALL)


    the macros that are created by the DIPVIEWS script

    Database Administration.

    using the DIPACC script to create the DBC.ACCLogRule macro, which is required for setting up database access logging,

    Security Administration.