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Teradata Database Utilities

Teradata Database
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The utilities described in this book are used primarily by Teradata Support Center field engineers, Teradata Database developers, System Test and Verification, and Teradata Database system administrators. For example, these utilities are used to display control parameters, display DBS control record fields, find and correct problems within the file system, initialize the Teradata Database, rebuild tables in the database, and manage the virtual processors (vprocs). These utilities are used to abort transactions and processes; monitor system performance, resources, and status, perform internal system checking, and perform system configuration, initialization, recovery, and tuning.

Users should also be familiar with the Teradata Database console running the Database Window (DBW) and your client (host) system.

For experienced utilities users please see the simplified command descriptions in the Utilities Quick Reference. This book provides the syntax diagrams and a brief description of the syntax variables for each Teradata Database utility.