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The Gateway Control utility, gtwcontrol, modifies the default values in the fields of the gateway control Globally Distributed Object (GDO). GDOs are binary files that store Teradata Database configuration settings. They are distributed to and used by every node in the system. The PDE layer of Teradata Database ensures that the GDO is consistent across all virtual processors.

There can be multiple gateways per node if the gateways belong to different host groups and listen on different IP addresses.

Scenarios Runs From

  • Database Window or comparable interface to the Teradata Database console subsystem, such as cnsterm
  • Linux command line
  • For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities”

    Scenarios Syntax

    Use the following syntax to run Gateway Control:

    gtwcontrol option(s)

    Options are prefaced with hyphens.

    For convenience, multiple options that do not require values can be passed after a single hyphen:

    gtwcontrol -dACEX

    Options that require values, however, should each have a hyphen:

    gtwcontrol -a off -k 20

    For a list of options and their explanations, see “Gateway Control Options” on page 629.

    gtwcontrol -h

    causes Gateway Control to display a list of available options.