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The CheckTable utility is a diagnostic tool that finds inconsistencies and data corruption in data structures, such as table headers, row identifiers, and indexes (including geospatial).

CheckTable offers several levels of data checking. Higher-level checks are generally more thorough than lower-level checks, but require more time and system resources. Certain general table checks are performed at all levels. After CheckTable runs, it reports the total number of tables checked and bypassed.

Teradata recommends running CheckTable on a regular schedule to detect problems that may occur. Although CheckTable identifies data inconsistencies and corruption, it cannot repair these problems. For help repairing problems identified by CheckTable, contact the Teradata Support Center.

Scenarios Runs From

  • Database Window or comparable interface to the Teradata Database console subsystem, such as cnsterm
  • Teradata Viewpoint Remote Console portlet
  • For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities” For information on Viewpoint, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.

    Scenarios Prerequisites

    In order to run CheckTable:

  • Teradata Database must be online.
  • No more than one AMP per cluster can be down.
  • Logons can be enabled or disabled.