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Starting Utilities from HUTCNS

HUTCNS is a console interface that runs a subset of the Teradata Database utilities from a mainframe-attached host terminal. These utilities include: Query Session, Query Configuration, Showlocks, and Recovery Manager. HUTCNS is available only on z/OS terminals.

To start a utility:

1 On the command line type:


The HUTCNS screen appears:

****    ****    ****  Data Base Computer
*   *   *   *  *
*   *   ****   *      Program: DBS Console Interface
*   *   *   *  *
****    ****    ****
Enter logon string as ‘TDPID/UserID,Password’

TDPID is the Teradata Database system name. After you enter the required information, the terminal displays the following:

Enter the Utility to execute
-  SESsionStatus
-  CONfiguration
-  LOCKsDisplay
-  RCVmanager
First 3 characters are acceptable

2 Type the name or abbreviation of the specified utility.

The screen for the specified utility appears.

Note: To exit the utility from HUTCNS, type END or QUIT.