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The Modify MPP List utility, modmpplist, is an interactive utility that allows you to modify the node list file (by default, named mpplist).

Modify MPP List can read the list from the Teradata Configuration directory, and can create or modify a copy of the list in another location.

When you must shut down a node for hardware maintenance, you can use modmpplist to place the node into an offline state, and to distribute the revised MPP list file on the Teradata Database system. If you use modmpplist to take a node offline, you must use modmpplist to bring the node back online.

Scenarios Runs From

Modify MPP List runs from the Linux command line.

For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities”

Scenarios Syntax


Syntax Element



Displays general help for modmpplist.

-m file_path

Causes modmpplist to read settings from a specified local file in a location other than the default.

Note: The local file specified with the -m option can be in any directory and have any name.

Scenarios Usage Notes

By default, modmpplist reads from and writes to the standard mpplist file: /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig/mpplist.

To read from a different file, use the -m option of modmpplist.

To write changed settings to a different file, use the -w option of the write command. For more information, see “WRITE” on page 698.


The following example shows how to start modmpplist to edit the default mpplist. Note the minus sign prefacing the offline node in the output from the list command.

 reading default mpplist, /etc/opt/teradata/tdconfig/mpplist...
0:pdetnt5_bynet     1:pdetnt6_bynet     2:pdetnt7_bynet     
 all 4 nodes are online.

mpp> off 1
 1 node is offline.
(Buffer has been Modified since last read)

mpp> list
0:pdetnt5_bynet     -1:pdetnt6_bynet     2:pdetnt7_bynet     3:pdetnt8_bynet
 1 node is offline.
(Buffer has been Modified since last read)

mpp> display
# This file is generated by PUT.  Please do not
# edit it manually.  Note a # or a space character in
# the first column on a line causes the entire line to
# be ignored.  Field delimiter must be space character.
# node                tpa     nodeid    status
pdetnt5_bynet          yes        43       yes
pdetnt6_bynet          yes        44        no
pdetnt7_bynet          yes        45       yes
pdetnt8_bynet          yes        46       yes

(Buffer has been Modified since last read)

mpp> write
Do you really want to distribute mpplist file (yes|no) ? [no] yes
All 4 node(s) have connected
MODE            SIZE     INODE USER      GROUP     FILE
-rw-r--r--       369     14575 <anon>    <anon>    tmp/mpplist
pdetnt5_bynet:1924: send completed: 485 bytes received (1 files/0 directories)
pdetnt6_bynet:2933: send completed: 485 bytes received (1 files/0 directories)
pdetnt7_bynet:3862: send completed: 485 bytes received (1 files/0 directories)
pdetnt8_bynet:4256: send completed: 485 bytes received (1 files/0 directories)

Wrote and distributed mpplist to 4 nodes successfully.
mpp> quit


The following example shows how to start modmpplist to edit a user-specified mpplist file named mympplist. Note that after writing to the local file, modmpplist will still ask if you want to save the mpplist file. This refers to the default mpplist file. If you are just working with a local file, with no desire to change the mpplist settings on all nodes, respond no to this message.

>modmpplist -m mylist
 reading user’s mpplist, mylist ...
0:pdetnt5_bynet     1:pdetnt6_bynet     2:pdetnt7_bynet     
 all 4 nodes are online.
mpp> off 2
 1 node is offline.
(Buffer has been Modified since last read)
mpp> list
0:pdetnt5_bynet      1:pdetnt6_bynet    -2:pdetnt7_bynet     3:pdetnt8_bynet
 1 node is offline.
(Buffer has been Modified since last read)
mpp> write -w mylist
Do you want to write mpplist to 'mylist' on a local node (yes|no) ? [no] yes

Wrote mpplist buffer to 'mylist' file

mpp> quit
You have changed a value. Do you wish to save the mpplist file? (yes|no)[no]