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CheckTable Messages

CheckTable issues the following types of messages:

  • Syntax error
  • Check completion
  • Error
  • Syntax Error Messages

    When a syntax error occurs, CheckTable does the following:

  • Displays the part of the input line where the error occurs
  • Prints a dollar sign ($) in the command input line beneath the character that caused the error
  • Displays an error message
  • For example, assume the following command:

    CHECK db[2-] AT LEVEL ONE;

    The following error message appears:

    *** Syntax error ***
    CHECK db[2-] AT LEVEL ONE;
    Invalid range specified in dbname or dbname.tablename.

    Error Messages

    CheckTable aborts when it encounters problems, depending on the severity and context of the problem. CheckTable can crash Teradata Database on rare occasions, such as when unable to clean up resources allocated by the Teradata Database.

    When CheckTable aborts, it does the following:

  • Displays an error message
  • Saves a snapshot dump for further analysis
  • Retains backtrace information
  • The following table shows the location of the backtrace information.

    The backtrace information is located in the event log file, /var/log/messages.

    Note: For more information on specific CheckTable error messages by number, see Messages.

    Auxiliary Information

    Auxiliary information included in messages may include a table row identifier.

    A RowID consists of a 16-byte value, that includes the following information:

  • The first 8-bytes is the internal partition number of the row.
    For a nonpartitioned table, the internal partition number is zero, and the internal partition number is not actually stored in the row itself.
  • The next 8-bytes include a hash bucket value and uniqueness value for the row.
  • For more information on internal table row formats, see Database Design.