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CheckTable General Checks

CheckTable checks certain aspects of tables regardless of the level of checking that is specified. These general checks include things like checking the table headers, checking for obsolete subtables, and checking the data dictionary.


Check Type


Data Dictionary

This check detects tables that are not in the Teradata Database Data Dictionary.

If CheckTable checks database DBC, it compares tables in DBC.TVM and DBC.temp with tables on AMPs.

Table headers

compares table header components on all AMPs with the table header from the AMP with the lowest virtual processor (vproc) number of all online AMPs.

Table structure

compares the table structure version stored in DBC.TVM to the table structure version stored in the header.

Parent/Child count

verifies if the ParentCount and ChildCount in DBC.TVM match the ParentCount and ChildCount in the table header.

Pending operations

checks the table header to determine if any table has any pending operations. This check works for global temporary tables as well as base tables.

Note: Tables with online archive active logs are checked by CheckTable, however their online archive log subtables are not checked.