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Teradata Database 15.0
September 2015


Improved screen status messages during Data Dictionary scans



Java 8 and JRE 1.8 or above are required to use Java external routines (user defined functions, external stored procedures, table operators, etc.).

Teradata Database 15.0
September 2015 (contd)

DBS Control

  • Updated information for EnableEON
  • Updated information for NameValidationRule


    New COMPRESSTLA option for SHOWBLOCKS allows filtering output results by BLOCKCOMPRESSION setting.

    Teradata Database 15.0
    June 2014


    Changed descriptions of some fields to use new product name, Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Hadoop (formerly called SQL-H).

    Teradata Database 15.0
    April 2014

    DBS Control

    New Temporal Behavior field determines the default temporal behavior for temporal DDL, queries, and DML statements.

    Teradata Database 15.0
    March 2014


  • New JVMOptions field allows specifying configuration options for java virtual machine that are set for all nodes of the Teradata Database system. Special settings are necessary when working with Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Hadoop.
  • New UIFLibraryPath and UIFTmpPath fields.

    DBS Control

  • Four new General group fields for JSON type support:
  • DisableJSONValidation
  • EnableJSON
  • JSON_AttributeSize
  • JSON_MaxDepth
  • New DBQLLOBCacheSize General field.
  • New FixSRandomRange General field for use with Unity Director.
  • Updated Large and SmallDepotCylsPerPdisk fields in the File System group for new 1 MB slot sizes.
  • Changed minimum valid value for DeadlockTimeout General field from 0 to 10.
  • New CompressionZLIBMethod allows choice of better performing ZLIB implementation on Intel platforms.
  • The DMLStatemenShipping and RepCacheSegSize fields have been deprecated, and should not be used.
  • New EnableLogonsMsg field controls whether “Logons are enabled” message is logged to all nodes or only control node of MPP system.
  • Beginning with maintenance release 15.00.01, the default for SnapBypassAggrCache is changed from FALSE to TRUE.


    Updated list of DIP scripts and revised descriptions of existing scripts.



    Updated SHOWBLOCKS and SHOWSPACE examples.