15.00 - Chapter 10 Database Window (xdbw) - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Utilities

Teradata Database
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Teradata Database Window, xdbw (abbreviated throughout the documentation as DBW), allows system administrators to control the operation of Teradata Database.

DBW provides a graphical user interface to the Teradata Console Subsystem (CNS). Use DBW to issue database commands and run many of the database utilities. CNS is a part of the Parallel Database Extensions (PDE) software upon which the database runs.

The following figure illustrates the logical relationship among DBW, CNS, and Teradata Database.

Scenarios Runs From

DBW runs from:

  • Linux systems, which generally include X server software. Type xdbw to start DBW.
  • Windows systems, such as those that may be attached to a Teradata Database system over a secure SSH connection. Window clients generally require separate X server software to be installed.
  • For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities”

    Scenarios Running DBW

    You can run DBW from the following locations:

  • System Console
  • Remote workstation or computer
  • Note: In order to use DBW, you must either be a member of the tdtrusted user group, or have been explicitly granted the right to run console utilities with the CNS GRANT command.

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