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The Cufconfig utility, cufconfig, allows you to view and change configuration settings for the user-defined function and external stored procedure subsystem. These configuration settings are stored in the UDF GDO, a globally distributed object. Globally distributed objects store global configuration settings available to all nodes of a Teradata system. The Cufconfig utility is also known as the UDF GDO Configuration utility.

For more information about UDFs, external stored procedures, or user-defined methods (UDMs), see SQL External Routine Programming.

Scenarios Runs From

The Cufconfig utility runs from the Linux command line.

For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities”

Scenarios Syntax


Syntax element


-f filename

Modifies the field values of the UDF GDO.

The filename specifies the path to the file that is used to modify the GDO. The file should contain a line for each fields whose value is to be changed. The available field names and current values are shown in the output of the cufconfig -o command.


Displays the cufconfig help.


Initializes the UDF GDO field values to the default values of the shipped software version.


Displays the contents of the UDF GDO.

If multiple options are specified on the command line, they are processed in the following order:

  • -i
  • -f
  • -o
  • Note: Modifications to cufconfig settings take effect after the next Teradata Database restart.

    For examples of the use of cufconfig, see “Examples” on page 142.