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Setting tunable parameters improperly can degrade system performance. This utility should only be used under the direction of the Teradata Support Center.

The Teradata Network Tuner utility, tdntune, reads, displays, and writes Teradata Database Network Services tunable parameters. TDN is a PDE subsystem that provides Teradata Database Network Services.

Tunables are stored in the PDE Control GDO, a Teradata Database globally distributed object that stores settings which are automatically made available to all nodes in the system.

Scenarios Runs From

  • Database Window or comparable interface to the Teradata Database console subsystem, such as cnsterm
  • Linux command line
  • For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities”

    Scenarios Syntax


    Syntax element




    Displays the help for tdntune.


    get [file]

    Displays or writes the current settings of Teradata Database network services tunable parameters from the PDE Control GDO.

    Optionally, you can specify a file name, and the settings will be written to a text file.

  • To change the Teradata Database network services tunable parameter settings, edit this file and run tdntune using the set option, and specifying the file name.
  • If a file name is not specified, the settings are displayed on screen; this is the default behavior of tdntune.

    set file

    Reads new settings for Teradata Database network services tunable parameters from file, and writes them to the PDE Control GDO, making those settings available to all nodes of the system. file is required with the set option.



    To show TDN tunables, type the following at the command line:


    Depending on your system, output similar to the following appears:

    # Fri Jan 30 08:27:24 2004

    # ------------------
    PAGE_LWM                  128
    PAGE_HWM                 1500
    PAGE_REQ                   64
    PAGE_REL                  128
    PAGE_MAX_REQS               4
    PAGE_LMHR                1000
    CHN_BLK_TICK                1
    GRP_BLK_TICK                1
    GSM_BLK_TICK                1
    MRG_BLK_TICK                4
    MSG_BLK_TICK                4
    FC_P2PREC_BLK_TICK          4
    FC_P2PSEG_BLK_TICK          4
    FC_GRPREC_BLK_TICK          4
    FC_GRPSEG_BLK_TICK          4
    GWS_DISABLE                 0
    FCIN_P2PCHN_INITVAL       255
    FCIN_P2PGRP_INITVAL        20
    FCIN_GRP_THRESHLD           5
    FCIN_GRP_INITVAL           20
    FCIN_CHN_THRESHLD           5
    FCIN_CHN_INITVAL           20
    FCIN_RFC_ENABLE             1
    FCIN_RFC_THRESHLD          20
    FCOUT_THRESHLD              5
    FCOUT_INITVAL               5

    # GDO FCIN_ADJ (Read-only) fields:
    # --------------------------------
    # TPA_NODE_COUNT             2
    # FCIN_GRP_ADJ_INITVAL       0
    # FCIN_CHN_ADJ_INITVAL       0