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Limits the amount of memory used for generating an XML version of a query plan when query logging is enabled using the WITH XMLPLAN option of BEGIN QUERY LOGGING.

Field Group


Valid Range

256 through 65536 KB


8192 KB

Changes Take Effect

After the DBS Control Record has been written.

Usage Notes  

The WITH XMLPLAN option of the BEGIN QUERY LOGGING statement causes the query plan for every non-cached DDL, DML, and DCL SQL statement to be logged as an XML document in the Database Query Log (DBQL). This document is stored in the DBC.DBQLXMLTbl system table.

DBQLXMLPlanMemLimit limits the amount of memory used to generate XML for each SQL request. Reducing the amount of memory used to generate XML plans can free up memory for other tasks, however, setting DBQLXMLPlanMemLimit to a value smaller than the default risks that generated XML plan documents will be incomplete.

EXPLAIN, INSERT EXPLAIN, and DUMP EXPLAIN statements are not logged.

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