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Restarts an all‑table rebuild operation (REBUILD command with the ALL TABLES options specified).

If a Teradata Database failure occurs while a Table Rebuild is running for all tables, this command restarts the rebuild process, bypassing databases and tables already rebuilt, and continuing from the table that was being rebuilt when the system failed.



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the vproc number of the AMP which was previously running the ALL TABLES rebuild.

Usage Notes  

The RESTART REBUILD command restarts an all‑table rebuild that was terminated by a system restart or failure. After RESTART REBUILD is executed, no intervention is required.

Table Rebuild automatically determines where the rebuild terminated and restarts at the appropriate place. Table Rebuild determines where to restart by using the spool files that contain the database names and table names to be rebuilt (in order by database ID and by table ID within the database). Before each subtable (primary or fallback) is rebuilt, Table Rebuild writes a restart record to the current DBC table SysRcvStatJournal.

When you start a RESTART REBUILD, the program reads the restart record and positions itself in the spool file accordingly. After completion of the Table Rebuild, the restart row is deleted from the journal table.