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About Query Configuration

Vprocs and Physical Processors

The Query Configuration utility displays configuration information about the nodes in a Teradata Database system. This utility supplies information about the PEs associated with the node and the AMPs.

While physical processor identifiers are presented where appropriate in the configuration displays, the focus of the Query Configuration utility is on the vprocs managed by the node.

These vprocs exist within a previously defined physical configuration. Use the Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) to configure parts of the physical configuration, such as creating Logical Units (LUNs) on disk arrays. See your Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference.

Display Options

The Query Configuration utility can display a variety of status and configuration information for the entire Teradata Database system or portions of the system including the following:

  • Complete configuration
  • Node, online or offline
  • AMPs, online or offline
  • PEs, online or offline