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Depending on how you deployed your instances, use the following table to determine whether you need to complete this procedure.
Ecosystem Manual 1-Click
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After deploying a DSC instance, you must log on to the instance and initialize DSC.

  1. From the AWS Management Console, note the Public DNS or Public IP of the DSC instance and the Private DNS or Private IP of the Viewpoint instance.
  2. From your SSH client console, log on to the DSC instance as ec2-user using the applicable AWS key pair.
    # ssh -i  private-key-file.pem  ec2-user@public-DNS-or-IP
  3. Switch to the root user environment.
    # sudo su -
  4. Initialize DSC on the instance.
    Either option changes the DSC repository password to the AWS instance ID.
    Option Description
    1. Run dsu-init without an argument.
      # /opt/teradata/client/DSCversion/dsa/commandline/dsu-init
    2. Enter the private DNS or IP address of the Viewpoint instance to be used with DSU, and confirm the host name is correct.
    Non-interactively Run dsu-init with any of the optional arguments. For example:
    # /opt/teradata/client/DSCversion/dsa/commandline/dsu-init -v viewpoint-private-DNS-or-IP
DSC is ready to use. The script sets the repository target group. The repository backup will be stored on the local machine at /var/opt/teradata/dsc/pathRepo. For information about how to configure systems, Amazon S3 storage backup applications, and target groups for S3 to run operational jobs, see Teradata® DSA User Guide, B035-3150.